about my work

For a long time my pictures were almost exclusively figurative, the human figure was the focus. In later works color and mood play a bigger role, the figure is shown only rudimentarily or completely missing.

The spatial works, called space pictures or space drawings, have been added. Two-dimensional paintings or drawings are transformed into three-dimensionality. The hallmark remains the same though, fleeting, animating, as if forms and colours did not want to be finally fixed.

These means originate from the knowledge of the changeability and relativity of experiencable reality. Everything changes in every moment, nothing remains. The desire for duration in the flow of time, for validity in order to avoid the word finality, is expressed in multi-layered forms and contours, in ambiguity.

The morphogenetic fields, as I call them, developed parallel to this. Morphogenesis means form-birth, so the field is the place where new forms are created. By dealing with this theme, I realized that these images represent nothing more than an attempt to grasp this immaterial world.

Occasionally the theme of the figure reappears. Under the motto “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”, the experiences of more than 40 years of artistic work have flowed into small graphic paintings or painterly drawings. The animated handwriting is complemented by newly developed techniques and, in some works, by classical drawing. Black and white is also a classic. The honest, immovable black meets the open white, plus a few shades of grey. And still the red! Red, the colour of love, warmth and energy, red makes you happy!